• Parklands Veterinary Group
    Parklands Veterinary Group
    Multi departmental specialist care
  • Pets
    Dog, Cats and exotic medicine and surgery
  • Dairy
    Advanced Dairy services
  • Beef
    Suckler Beef Herd health and productivity management
  • Sheep
    Flock production, fertility services and health screening
  • Horse
    Vettings, Medicine, Surgical and fertility cases inc AI and embryo transfer
  • Pigs
    Health and productivity management. Northern and Southern Ireland
  • Poultry
    Egg and meat and game bird production expertise
  • Specialist Ovum pickup, embryo and AI services in cattle, sheep and dogs
    Specialist Ovum pickup, embryo and AI services in cattle, sheep and dogs


Dungannon Branch  – We are delighted to announce, we are reopening our Dungannon Branch to all clients as from today Saturday 20th February. We have ceased any further covid transmission (only 2 individuals) with our immediate action, PPE and biosecurity and all staff have tested negative

Following deep cleaning and 10 days since last contact, we shall be open as normal as from today Saturday 20th February.

We thank all our clients for their loyal support and understanding in these difficult times

We shall continue to offer 24/7 support to you and our patients in a safe and socially distant way..


Parklands Veterinary Group is a long established, independent practice providing veterinary care throughout Northern and Southern Ireland. Parklands Veterinary Group has five separate species departments, staffed by over 30 vets and supported by their own teams. We are committed to excellence in both client and patient care in each department and continually explore new techniques and treatments for our clients to be on the forefront of delivery of care. 

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