Ram Fertility, Semen collection and Freezing

Ram breeding soundness exams

Assessment of ram fertility is an important tool in managing a successful breeding programme. Infertile or subfertile individuals can prove costly – not only in reduction of numbers of offspring, but also in terms of keeping animals which are of no practical use.
Our farm vets have a wealth of experience in breeding soundness examination in sheep. We would recommend testing animals at the point of purchase (or before) and then all breeding males 4-6 weeks prior to the tupping period- so as to provide time for changes to be made as required.
Evaluation begins with a full physical examination followed by semen evaluation. Each ram is provided with a semen score which allows you to rank each of your rams.
Following evaluation, individual written reports will be sent to you for use with insurance or for pre-sale checks.

Ram Vasectomies:

A vasectomised (teaser) tup is an excellent way of tightening your lambing period and encouraging your ewes to come into season. They are also a useful tool when using A.I. or E.T. as they enhance ewe fertility and lead to improved results.
Vasectomies can be performed either on farm or at our Cookstown facilities.

Semen Freezing & Storage:

Semen collection and freezing is an invaluable way of guaranteeing progeny from your stock ram.
Benefits of freezing include:

  • Insurance against death or infertility
  • Increases ram power
  • Ability to use shared tups
  • Can utilise semen from debilitated or injured rams
  • Income from semen sales
  • Preserves superior genetics for future use