Sheep Artifical Insemination (laproscopic)

Artificial Insemination offers sheep breeders the opportunity to maximise production by:

  • Using one ram to serve more ewes during a period of time than he could achieve naturally
  • Using semen from rams with high genetic merit to improve your lamb quality
  • Reducing disease risk; new bloodlines can be accessed without needing to buy or transport animals
  • Compacting your lambing, saving you labour & simplifying your husbandry & management systems
  • Bringing lambs up in uniform batches for shows & sales
  • Laparoscopic AI also allows you to purchase frozen semen instead of an expensive ram, or to share rams more efficiently over a greater geographic area.
    Our veterinary team specialise in laparoscopic AI in sheep; they are highly experienced and can inseminate large numbers of ewes daily depending on your set up.

Please contact Patrick Grant on 07501724190 or via out Cookstown Surgery