Sheep Embryo Transfer and Flushing

Parklands Sheep services offers dedicated embryo freezing and storage facilities, enabling breeders from across the Ireland to freeze embryos from your elite females to preserve your best genetics.

Parklands offers advice on nutrition and donor and recipient management pre and post flushing as well as and experienced team for the procedure performing large numbers of embryo transfers annually both in and out of season.

Parklands Sheep services is the Ireland’s leading provider of embryo freezing services for sheep, offering breeders the opportunity to freeze embryos both in season and out of season. We have successfully super-ovulated and flushed ewes outside of the main breeding season, with these embryos being frozen for implanting in the next breeding season. This also enables valuable ewes to be flushed repeatedly throughout the year. Ewes found barren at scanning can also be flushed to collect embryos which are frozen for transfer in the next breeding season.
Breeders can access our dedicated facilities based in the Cookstown N.Ireland to export embryos worldwide. Most international movement of livestock genetics now occurs in the form of frozen embryos, with facilities in Cookstown, enabling breeders to export embryos worldwide.