Mastitis Management and Milk Production


The quality of the milk you produce is becoming increasingly important with regard to the price and ability to sell it. A healthy udder during the dry period and throughout a cow’s lactation is necessary for optimal production and acceptable somatic cell counts. Good mastitis control and hygienic production are needed to achieve TBC targets.

Monitoring and Management
Continual monitoring and assessment of the udder health of your herd is required throughout the year. With the aid of the Interherd management program, in conjunction with NMR Herd Companion, CIS and United, we are able to provide you with monthly reports highlighting early sub clinical infections and problem high cell count cows, and give advise on how to reduce your bulk milk somatic cell counts.

Parlour Testing

As part of our investigations, we can independently dynamic test your parlour to investigate vacuum fluctuations and liner slip leading to reluctance to milk and teat damage issues so leading to predisposition to mastitis.

Mastitis Treatment and Prevention
Dry cow management, parlour hygiene and the environment are critical in maintaining good udder health in your herd. As independent advisors with a wide range of dry and lactating cow tubes to hand, we can select the best products for you.