Parklands Pig department covers the island of Ireland and is headed up by John Grant MRCVS. They are ably supported by Susan Heagney and David Mulligan focusing on client care. Over many years, Parklands has built up a reputation of attention to detail and through on farm team work leading to maximising productivity, Growth and Health status of our Clients Pig Herds.

Specialist Pig consulting focuses on advice on the correct management of the individual pig and the herd, to promote good health and to avoid / predict as much as possible the effects of disease. John Grant is dedicated to this specialist area and works full time throughout Ireland advising commercial pig farms and their staff on how to get the best from their pigs.
Services which we provide for current clients include:

  • Management advice on good pig husbandry and production systems.
  • Disease control through preventative medicine such as vaccination.
  • Biosecurity monitoring and maintenance.
  • Ensuring good animal welfare through excellent care.
  • Training programmes for pig farm staff.
  • Production advice including the setting of performance targets to ensure more efficient production.
  • Advice on biosecurity with tailored programmes to prevent the pig herds being exposed to diseases new to them, and prevent the internal spread of diseases within herds.
  • Managing population of pigs to promote efficient growth and thus best use of feed.
  • Eliminating specific diseases from pig herds.
  • Reducing the cost of production of pigs to ensure sustainable pig farming in the countryside.

Our practice focus is to develop an intimate team approach with common goals (maximising returns with minimal costs, medicines and disease) whilst offering competitive priced medicines and excellence on customer service….. your problems are our problems.