Pig Services

Parklands are  industry-leading veterinary surgeons and are passionate about the clinical and added value support currently provided to clients in the UK and Ireland. Our services cover many areas of health, production and training and are usually driven by customer requirements.

They include:-

  • Routine quarterely advisory (and Farm Assurance) visits.
  • On farm consultancies, one-off or periodical assignments.
  • Disease investigation and health monitoring.
  • Staff training on all aspects of herd health management.
  • Staff training on other aspects of pig production.
  • Whole farm management advice.
  • Legal and expert witness advice.

We provide the following services (please contact for further information:

  • Quaterly Advisory and Farm Assurance visits

  • Pig Farm Biosecurity

  • AI and Service Management

  • Gestation / Dry Sow Management

  • Farrowing Management

  • Weaner Management

  • Grower and Finisher Management

  • Replacement Gilt Management

  • Disease Outbreak management

  • Laboratory and disease screening

  • Pharmacy and Courier Service

  • Recording Services

  • Employee Training

  • Consultancy Visits UK and Ireland