Cancer Treatment

Veterinary oncology, cancer treatments and chemotherapy

At Parklands veterinary group, we have access to advanced diagnostic equipment and imaging, required to diagnose and stage the majority of  common animal cancers. Our experience with ultrasound, endoscopic \ laproscopic and reconstructive surgery means that we can often diagnose various cancers using minimally invasive techniques.

We are able to offer a comprehensive chemotherapy service to our patients and treat many cancer cases every year. We have experience in treating the following cancers:

  • COP or CHOP protocols for the treatment of T or B cell lymphoma
  • Mast cell tumour treatment: frequently surgical removal of the tumours alongside staging (checking for evidence of cancer spread) and occasionally adjunctive treatment with modern therapeutics such as Masivet or Palladia
  • Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) treatment: often surgery combined with chemotherapy
  • Bladder cancer (typically transitional cell carcinoma) management
  • Anal sac adenocarcinoma staging and management: often surgery +/- chemotherapy
  • Splenic (and occasionally right atrial) haemangiosarcoma management.
  • Mammary Cancers
  • Stomach or intestinal tumours (usually lymphoma or carcinomas) diagnosis and management.
  • Diagnosis and management of kidney, pancreatic, adrenal, liver and lung cancers. 

Treatments we offer include:-

  • Cryosurgery
  • Multimodal chemotherapy including anti cancer drugs such as vincristine, doxorubicin, carboplatin, bisphosphonates, piroxicam, prednisolone, cis-platinum, cyclophosphamide, cytosine and chlorambucil
  • Newer drugs for mast cell tumours such as Palladia and Mastinib Oncept is an exciting new vaccine to treat canine oral melanoma. Oncept IL-2 is available for cats with fibrosarcoma Palliative care – pain relief, holistic treatments High quality diets – we can provide a special diet that will feed the patient but starve the cancer!
  • Wide surgical excision
  • Amputation

Surgery and/or chemotherapy are not always appropriate for every pet or owner. We only embark on a course of treatment having discussed all the options available alongside the financial implications of any given treatment. Sometimes following discussion with owners, we decide that further treatment is not in an animal’s best interests and we have a great deal of experience in palliative care for pets as effective pain management is essential in these cases.

Our vets are always on hand to discuss oncology cases so please contact us if your pet has been diagnosed with cancer and you’d like to discuss the options available