Skin disease can be extremely distressing and painful for pets and if not treated can cause chronic irreversible changes to the skin that can seriously affect your pet’s welfare and quality of life.

There are many cases of skin disease in pets; parasites such as fleas mange and mites, allergies to food, pollens and even inherited susceptibility to skin disease in certain breeds.

Most skin diseases can be easily diagnosed and treated, however for some skin diseases; treatment will be long term and may need life long medication.

Investigation of some of these non responsive skin conditions may include skin scrapings, microscopy, blood tests, bacterial and fungal culture, dietary trials and biopsy all of which can be performed in house.

Most skin conditions can be diagnosed and treated during a routine appointment with one of our vets. We have a wide range of experience in treating both acute and chronic skin problems including allergies and allergic related skin disease eg chronic ear and feet disease.

Demodex parasite under skin dog take photo from microscope

Chihuahua dog with Demodicosis, allergy dog skin