Digital Xrays


Imaging involves the use of various techniques to build a ‘picture’ or ‘image’ of an area of concern. Radiography ( x-rays) and utrasonography (scans) are the most commonly used techniques, however MRI and CT scanning can also be utilised. At Parklands Veterinary Group, we use ‘state of the art’ digital equipment but also have vets with experience and  trained in the fields of radiography and ultrasonography.


This involves the use of x-rays to create a 2 dimensional ‘shadow’ picture of tissues. X-rays are absorbed to different degrees by bodily structures, meaning that bone, tissue, fluid and air can be seperately identified. Many views are often needed to allow this 2D image to be interpreted into a 3D picture.

Using digital technology we are able to generate extremely high quality xrays with tremendous and consistent detail. This greatly helps in making subtle diagnosis in medical and orthopaedic conditions. Investment in this technology allows us the best chance of achieveing a diagnosis in complicated medical conditions.