Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves emitted from a handheld probe placed in contact with the skin to produce an image. Sound waves penetrate and reverberate from varying tissues to different degrees and this pattern enables the production of a 2 dimensional ‘slice’ of tissue visible on a monitor. The image is continual meaning it is possible to move the probe and gain an overall 3 dimensional assessment. Using advanced technology we are also able to watch directional blood flow and measure pressure gradients of fluid movement. An important advantage of ultrasonography is that it allows us to see into tissues, especially in the abdomen, often allowing biopsies to be taken with minimal distress to your pet. The ultrasound probe needs direct skin contact which means a small patch of fur must be shaved over the area of interest.

At Parklands we use modern, high quality equipment that is capable of producing images with superb detail.

Ultrasonography of the heart is another area of specialisation and is termed ‘Echocardiography’.

Radiography and Ultrasound are not painful, but do require a relaxed and co-operative patient, so sedation or general anaesthesia will be required in order to get good high quality diagnostic xrays.

Ultrasound is an invaluable tool for imaging soft tissues. In particular we use it for scanning heart, abdominal organs (including liver, kidneys, spleen bowel and uterus etc) and masses. The scanner we have at Parklands are highly sophisicated and not only scan in black and white but can scan in colour and measure intravascular blood pressure especialy across leaking heart values.

We use it extensively in our Pet breeding programmes to determine number, size and viability of pregnancies. We can also provide pictures home with the owners for their records!