Nurse Clinics

We have a fully qualified and experienced team of clinic nurses working at Parklands Veterinary Group to help you to keep your pet fit and healthy.

Our clinics are free to attend (booking is essential) and our nurses offer advice on a whole range of pet healthcare issues.

When you first register a puppy or kitten with us, we will book a nurse clinic so the nurse can talk you through pet ownership because we know there is so much information available and you need the best advice possible to ensure you and your pet have the best life together.  Our nurses are always available should you need advice once you get your pet at home


Pet Slimmer’s Club

We have recently launched our Pet Slimmer’s Club to help owners of overweight cats and dogs to bring their pet back to their optimum weight and body condition. To book an appointment with Reception, please contact us on 028 867 65765




Our nurses can also advise on flea and worming treatment, and will often be your point of contact if your pet had been discharged from our hospital. We have a caring team of Qualified and experienced nurses who can give advice on a wide range of pet care and perform the following tasks via their nurse clinics:

~ Remove stitches                     ~ Blood samples

~ Post operative checks            ~ Redress Bandages and wounds

~ 2nd Vaccinations                    ~ Clip nails

~ Microchips                               ~ Weight clinics

~ Dental checks                          ~ Parasite control

~ Senior health checks              ~ Blood pressure monitoring

~ Repeat injections                    ~ Diabetic clinics

~ Behaviour Advice                    ~Puppy Socialisation

~ Sexing of Pets                         ~ Dietary Advice