Puppy Parties

All puppies between 8 and 20 weeks and having their 1st vaccination with us, will receive an invitation to a ‘Puppy Party’.

The party will provide an opportunity  for your puppy to socialise with other puppies and for you to discuss any problems you might be experiencing with our veterinary nurses, dog groomer and dog trainer.  Contact your nearest branch to book your pup’s place in our next puppy party.




Puppy Training & Socialisation

Early socialisation involves teaching your puppy to relate properly to other dogs, humans, other pets and situations at a very young age. There is a golden period for puppies to learn about interacting with other dogs and people and to learn to cope with unusual and possible stressful experiences. This period extends up until 16 weeks of age for puppies. Without systematic early socialisation your puppy may grow up to be fearful of strangers (whether human or animal) and can even become dangerously aggressive. This is why training and  socialisation classes are so important and we strongly advise participation in puppy classes. They are a means of ensuring your puppy gets the best possible start in life. You can contact the clinic to book into the next available class.