About Us

Parklands Veterinary Group is a multi-discipline departmental veterinary practice where vets specialise in each specific species ie small animal vets deal with small animal, farm with farm and equine with horses, pig vets with pigs only etc. Even within these departments we have vets specialising in specific areas eg fertilitity, sheep AI and Embryo Transfer, lameness, herd health etc.

Owner and patient care is undeniably our first concern and we promise caring, compassionate and value for money veterinary services. We set ourselves the highest of standards in veterinary service provision and are passionate about client education and preventative care.

We invest heavily in continuing education for all our Veterinary Surgeons, Nursing, Reception and Support staff and in supporting their further education, we aim to bring your animals the latest veterinary techniques and care.

Whilst we are a large practice with a State of the Art Veterinary facilities, with vets specialising in many areas, we are committed to providing one-to-one care in your local community.
We cover locally the Western side of Lough Neagh from the Co. Armagh Border to the North Coast but we regularly travel through out Northern and Southern Ireland and the UK mainland on a consultancy basis.