Pig Training Courses

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Increasing pig health and welfare

  • Supervising the safe use and storage of veterinary medicines~
  • Supervising pig welfare~
  • Biosecurity

Maximising production on farm:

  • Service and dry sow management (theory and practical)*
  • Reducing farrowing house mortality*
  • Gilt selection and management to the point of service*~
  • Farrowing house management and care (theory and practical)*
  • Care of weaners and grower pigs*
  • Care of finishing pigs*
  • Interpreting pig records~

We offer a range of training sessions and are happy to tailor bespoke training for producers.

Other popular topics include:

  • Casualty Pig Management
  • Medicine Usage and Administration
  • Artificial Insemination Techniques
  • Record Keeping
  • Smallholder Skill Sets
  • Pregnancy scanning training

To find out more contact Susan on:

Tel: 02886765765