Game Bird Consultancy

Post mortem service

At our Dungannon surgery we offer post mortems. These are the most practical and rapid way to diagnose health problems in game birds. We perform these same day so you get a rapid diagnosis and can take appropriate action immediately. Please call us before bringing birds in so we can make sure that the birds you are bringing are the most suitable for diagnosis of the issues you are seeing on site.

Site visits

We perform site visits during the rearing season for some producers to monitor health and production. These help us to rapidly respond to health issues, reduce their impact and keep medication costs low. We can do visits to any game farm or shoot, we have portable microscopes and all the equipment necessary to work on site in the same way we do in our clinics. At the visit we look at your husbandry systems giving advice on potential management improvements as well as performing post mortems.

Health Planning

We normally do a specific site visit before the rearing season starts to do health planning. This allows us to review what happened last season and act on any improvements we think ought to be made either to the fabric of the site, the way the birds are managed or our approaches to disease including vaccination regimes. We will produce a specific health plan for your site with clear actions and timescales to act as an aide memoir for the site and us.

Pre-sale checks

Increasingly popular for game farms, pre-sale checks are post mortems performed within a couple of days of birds moving from the rearing field to wood. These give the seller confidence that the birds they are sending are disease free and the buyer confidence in what he is buying. If any disease is found we can hold birds back until they have been treated and have recovered. We produce a report for each batch seen which can be attached to the bill of sale. Many farms have found these help to prevent disagreements and lead to sale invoices being paid more rapidly.