Pet Toys and Treats

Toys and Treats

Finding the right toys and treats might seem like fun, but they are often crucial way of learning for your pet.

On a more serious note, it is important that the toys you choose for your pet are suitable for that breed and that size, particularly with dogs. A toy that is too small can become lodged in a larger dog’s mouth, or even swallowed, and there are breeds of dog that are fairly destructive with toys so it is important to find something robust.

Treats are a great way to aid training, however, it is also important not to overfeed treats. Dogs in particular can become overweight without you realising. It is always worth asking about the suitability of your chosen treat so that you can give them to your pet in moderation. Fiona, one of our nurses is also a qualified behaviourist and can advise on the best toys to aid different aspects of behavioural training

We do stock the traditional biscuits and bones, along with more novelty ‘paw print’ shapes.