Jaagsiekte Screening

Parklands Sheep Services are offering  flock lung scanning to identify non clinical cases of Jaagsiekte (Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma OPA) to detect and remove them early in an attempt to remove them from the flock and lower transmission of the retrovirus which causes the disease. This condition causes a viral induced lung tumour in sheep leading to poor condition, production and  is mistaken for cases of bacterial pneumonia. As many as 10% of many flocks can be infected and identification of these individuals is critical for eradication within the flock.


•Endemic problem (occurs widespread throughout the Irish flock)•Disease is notifiable in NI•Farmers unwilling to speak or deal with disease


•Correct diagnosis of OPA easily through lung scanning and flock eradication •Open and honest conversation and facing the problem together (vet and client)  For Further details please call our Cookstown Surgery 028 867 65765.