Sheep Production and Fertility

We provide an individual flock health planning service for both sheep and goat producers that is invaluable in many ways:

  • Achieving targets
  • Maximising efficiency and economic production
  • Reducing disease incidence
  • Safeguarding the welfare of your animals
  • Treatment protocols for specific health problems
  • Devising a simple and effective recording system

We recommend quarterly veterinary visits for maximum benefit from health planning.

Planning is critical. We are experienced in the preparation and examination of rams to ensure that they are fit and healthy for working including fertility testing. We can also organise ewe synchronisation programs and perform vasectomies to produce teaser rams.

We are able to advise on ultrasound scanning, ewe condition and nutrition to carry out metabolic profiles if required.

Visits around lambing time help to ensure that extra staff have the necessary training to help you to maximise lamb survival and have a successful lambing season. We can advise on ewe prolapse prevention and we will carry out a full abortion investigation in the event of an abortion storm. We provide a lamb post mortem service to aid in the investigation and diagnosis of peri-natal lamb deaths.

A post-lambing or weaning discussion is useful to establish your lambing percentage and decide what improvements could be implemented.